Fixing Stuff around my self

Though I have my own room but I have made a separate work place other than my room to cope up the laziness and to stay active ,motivated and to have the feeling of working enviroment. It is always a mess.I always think of cleaning it but sometimes work load and sometimes my laziness don’t allow me to do so.So taking this opportunity I thought why not this.My work place includes a table on which I do study ,from class 5 I guess and do all the work and stuff.

So taking it an opportunity I cleaned up the mess on my table.And I felt really relaxed from the burden that was on me in the form of used papers etc .So After cleaning up it looked like

So this activity reflects in a way that a leader dont leave messes around him or if he had put himself/herself in a mess he will always try his best beyond every excuses to resolve it.This activity personally impacted on me that I should clean my mess setting aside my lazziness and work load.