I can’t remember of anyone who positively impacted my life other than my father. Two days back on 28May was his first death anniversary. May Allah Grant him highest rank in Jannah.

Although belonging from a very rich family. He struggled his whole life to do something or to achieve…

My Experiences in first 2 Weeks of Amal Fellowship :

It was a pleasant experience I learned a lot from it before Amal academy there was no such platform that could help me learn about my professional life and set rules aside for Personal as well as daily life hardships…

There are many takeaways from the amal journey for me and their are a lot of things that benefited me or will benefit me in future In SHAA ALLAH but the main takeaway is time management.

I remember when it was our first week of fellowship and we were assigned…

Its a time management technique ,in which a timer is set to 25min exact and if you completed the task or goal you decided to complete in that 25mins you have to reward yourself ,the way to stay motivated and amused.

Time is money and its the most valuable thing…

I found amal totkay really helpful for personal and professional growth.

Every totka is worthy to do.The major takeaway I had was self analyzing of yourself ,thinking and self scrutinizing help a person explore himself and do much more than what he is doing now.

My Favourite tip among all amal totkas is self talking and creating new habits ,by creating new habits you become a life long learner and you explore new things for your own betterment and growth.

I have started implementing new healthy habits and self talking.

One should never stop learning,self analyzing and should always be out of their comfort zone to have a Growth mindset.

Though I have my own room but I have made a separate work place other than my room to cope up the laziness and to stay active ,motivated and to have the feeling of working enviroment. It is always a mess.I always think of cleaning it but sometimes work load…

Muhammad Razi

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